Be True To Your Word

Governor Newsom, Secretary Crowfoot, be true to your word. OHV motorized recreation destroys nature like at Carnegie SVRA. Preserve Tesla Park as part of 30×30 promise and climate change fight.

Are You Really Going to Fight Climate Change?

Governor Newsom, Secretary Crowfoot, if you’re really going to fight climate change you can’t expand OHV motorized recreation into Tesla Park which increases air pollution/GHG emissions AND damages irreplaceable biologic and cultural resources.

Will Newsom Preserve Tesla Park?

Governor Newsom and Secretary Crowfoot, are you going to preserve Tesla Park to advance your 30×30 goal & fight climate change or destroy Tesla’s biodiversity while increasing GHG emissions with more motorized recreation?

Valley Fever

Valley Fever (Coccidioidomycosis) is endemic in the Corral Hollow area where Tesla’s located. UCB Professor, John Taylor’s 2016 warning of increased health risks of this extremely serious fungal disease from dust-generating OHV recreation was dismissed by State Parks.

Access For All

Access for all does not mean access for all uses in all places. Tesla Park is not the place for damaging OHV motorized recreation. Tesla Park should be a nature and cultural preserve open to all residents.