Red Flag Fire Days

With the danger of OHVs starting wildfires, why is Carnegie SVRA open during Red Flag Fire Days? CSVRA needs to be closed during Red Flag Fire Days and Spare the Air Days.

CA 2030 Climate Goals

Given CA isn’t on track to meet 2030 climate goals, why is CA increasing state subsidized OHV recreation and still exempting OHV’s from current emission standards?

AB 1512

Thank you Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan @bauerkahan and the Assembly Water Parks and Wildlife Committee for passing AB 1512 – an important step to permanently preserve Tesla Park, one of our State’s biologic and cultural treasures.

President Biden’s GHG Emission Goals

Given President Biden’s call, CA can’t expand motorized recreation into Tesla Park which increases air pollution/GHG emissions AND damages irreplaceable biologic and cultural resources.