Governor Newsom, Secretary Crowfoot – Make your actions match your words. Permanently protect Tesla Park as a nature and cultural preserve.

Advance 30×30 Goal

Governor Newsom and Secretary Crowfoot, are you going to preserve Tesla Park to advance your 30×30 goal & fight climate change or destroy Tesla’s biodiversity while increasing GHG emissions with more motorized recreation?

Implement 30×30

Governor Newsom, will you implement your 30×30 Biodiversity EO, fight climate change & permanently protect Tesla Park or do what the OHV/auto manufacturers’ lobby wants?

Will Governor Newsom Preserve Tesla?

Tesla Park has 42 special status wildlife species, 7 sensitive veg communities, 20 locally rare plants & 8 T&E//Candidate species. Will Governor Newsom & Secretary Crowfoot preserve Tesla or support the OHV/auto manufacturers lobby?