Where is Tesla Park?

The Tesla parkland is located in the south east corner of Alameda County in the hills between Livermore and Tracy.  It is adjacent to and west of the existing Carnegie SVRA.  Corral Hollow Road  and Tesla Road runs along the northern border of the parkland.

You can also find the Tesla parkland on Google Maps under Carnegie SVRA.  But take note – Carnegie SVRA is already showing the Tesla parkland as part of the existing Carnegie off-highway vehicle park even though it is not approved for expansion or off highway motor vehicle use.

Tesla parkland identified as ‘project site’ in 2004 map from prior environmental review. The existing Carnegie SVRA is directly to the east along Corral Hollow Road.









Tesla Park - 2004 environmental review

Tesla Park – 2004 environmental review








EBRPD included Tesla Park to its 2007 Master Plan, but at this time the State OHMV Division still is trying to expand Carnegie SVRA into Tesla Park.