Support grows to preserve Tesla

Support from local officials and organizations for preservation of Tesla continues to  grow.  See the current list of Friends.

Additionally, agencies are getting on board to review the Draft EIR when it is released, including the City of Livermore, EBRPD, LARPD , Alameda County, and the Resource Conservation District. Agencies have commented about the need to consider non-motorized alternatives for the extremely sensitive Tesla park land, and the need to evaluate all the impacts of full project build-out to open Tesla to OHV use up front and not allow the EIR analysis to be deferred and fragmented.

See the July 18, 2014 letter to The Independent from Livermore resident, Marilyn Russell.


Non-Motorized Nature Parks in highest demand

Tour of Historic Tesla Town site

California residents identify low impact and nature park recreation as their top park priorities based on planning studies by the State Parks Department.  In addition to play areas for tots and young children and turf fields for team sports, the 2008 and 2009 California Outdoor Recreation Plans and found that wilderness, outdoor nature parks and historic parks and non-motorized (non-OHV) trails were the most important park and recreation facilities for residents.  Off highway vehicle parks and duck hunting were among the least important.

Click here  for more on the California Outdoor Recreation Plan.



Carnegie SVRA Draft EIR delayed to Fall 2014

Carnegie SVRA October 2, 1013

Carnegie SVRA October 2, 1013

Carnegie SVRA announced on 3/28/14 that the Draft EIR will not be released for public review and comment until Fall 2014.  Carnegie SVRA was targeting Spring 2014.

Between now and Fall 2014, we will continue preparation to provide extensive technical comments on the DEIR and build support to preserve Tesla as a non-motorized low impact park and preserve.

Thank you for your continuing support to SAVE Tesla Park.

If you have not already done so, sign up for direct messages from Carnegie SVRA at



Support for Tesla Preservation Grows

Tesla Park - Western Sycamore in FallThe circle of support to preserve Tesla keeps growing. Recently Native American groups joined the work to Save Tesla Park, stating that the interpretive zone around historic and cultural resources must be protected, as well as the footprint of the archeological artifact itself.   At Carnegie SVRA,  historic resources are damaged by the close proximity of OHV use around their perimeter.  Such damage within the view and sound shed of the extensive historic and cultural resources at Tesla cannot be allowed.  That is why Tesla should be established as a cultural and natural preserve.

Join the growing alliance of Friends of Tesla Park and help save this wonder of the East Bay from destruction by OHV use.