Carnegie SVRA delays release of Draft EIR and General Plan to early 2015

Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area (CSVRA) has again delayed release of the Draft EIR/General Plan, now to early 2015. But CSVRA still plans to open Tesla to destructive off-highway vehicle (OHV) use, so our work is far from done. 

We have built strong public support to preserve Tesla.  We are bringing together individuals, organizations and technical experts to comment on the Draft Environmental Impact Report and General Plan.  While we have made great progress, we must redouble our efforts to SAVE Tesla Park. 

We ask for your help to continue to build support for Tesla. Invite your friends to become a Friend of Tesla Park at www.teslapark.orgAsk your elected officials to support preservation. And, if you can, please donate to SAVE Tesla Park. 

 General email notice from CSVRA sent 12/18/14

Carnegie SVRA General Plan Update

Hello Everyone,

The Carnegie SVRA General Plan team has submitted the Administrative Draft Preliminary General Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Report to the California State Parks OHMVR Division for review. We had hoped to publish the documents for review and comment in Fall 2014. Unfortunately, we will miss that target. Review of the documents continues and we anticipate publication early in the New Year.

Thank you for your continued interest in the planning process and Happy Holidays!

The Carnegie SVRA Planning Team


Feel free to send this email to others who may be interested. To learn more about the planning process, please visit the website at

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DEIR Release Expected in “Fall 2014″

Carnegie SVRA is still stating that they plan to release the Draft EIR for review and comment in “Fall 2014.”  The weekend of October 18-19, 2014 will be a good time to observe what expansion of Carnegie SVRA into Tesla will really mean for Tesla’s sensitive biologic, cultural and historic resources when CSVRA holds is Visitor Appreciation Day.  See for yourself what will happen to Tesla, including for residents on Tesla Road near Livermore, if Carnegie SVRA gains environmental approval to open Tesla Park to OHV use.

For more information go to .

Tesla Road Residents support preservation

Citing the direct impacts of the planned expansion of Carnegie SVRA into their rural neighborhood, people in over 50 people in rural Livermore along Tesla Road have joined to form the Tesla Road Residents Alliance. Carnegie SVRA plans to expand and open 3400 acres of the sensitive Tesla Park land to OHV use.  The expansion would extend into the Livermore Valley and add an entrance across from Eagle’s Run Road, less than 8 miles from Livermore City Hall and the only Bay Area access along Tesla Road. In addition to the loss of the beautiful open space and range lands near their homes, Tesla Road residents are concerned about traffic, safety, water quality, air pollution, noise, dust and loss of peace and quite that a nearly 5,000 acre OHV park on the edge of their rural community would create.

Following is a photo of Tule elk ranging on the Tesla Park land nearest Livermore.  OHV use will push away the elk, just like OHV use has done in the existing Carnegie SVRA. Protecting Tule elk habitat near Livermore is one more reason why Tesla should be preserved.

Tule Elk on Tesla near Livermore 9-22-14

Tule Elk on Tesla near Livermore 9-22-14


Email for more information about the Tesla Road Residents Alliance.


Support grows to preserve Tesla

Support from local officials and organizations for preservation of Tesla continues to  grow.  See the current list of Friends.

Additionally, agencies are getting on board to review the Draft EIR when it is released, including the City of Livermore, EBRPD, LARPD , Alameda County, and the Resource Conservation District. Agencies have commented about the need to consider non-motorized alternatives for the extremely sensitive Tesla park land, and the need to evaluate all the impacts of full project build-out to open Tesla to OHV use up front and not allow the EIR analysis to be deferred and fragmented.

See the July 18, 2014 letter to The Independent from Livermore resident, Marilyn Russell.