Ask Governor to sign AB 1086 into law

Please help Tesla! Ask Governor Newsom to sign AB 1086 into law.

Please contact Governor Newsom as soon as possible and ask him to sign AB 1086 into law (Pro 1086) at his official web site .

Sample message:

“Dear Governor Newsom – I urge you to sign AB 1086 into law because the Alameda-Tesla Expansion Area’s extraordinary biologic and cultural resources and the ecological integrity of its native landscape will be irreparably damaged by OHV recreation.  OHV recreation can be located somewhere else on land that is appropriate for such use.  Tesla cannot be moved.  AB 1086 provides a wise and fair pathway to resolve this long-standing controversy by allowing Tesla to be sold to a local agency for conservation purposes and by returning proceeds from any sale to the OHMVR Division.  Please help preserve the treasure of California’s natural and cultural history that is the Alameda-Tesla Expansion Area as a legacy for future generations by signing AB 1086 into law. “

Go online at as soon as possible to register your support for AB 1086. Thank you.

Tesla park ridge top in summer looking north to Mt. Diablo.
Tesla Park - Western Sycamore
Fall is coming to Tesla.

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