Support SB 1316 – Alameda-Tesla Expansion Area

SB 1316 (Glazer) will change state law to allow the State Parks Department to dispose of the 3,100 acre Alameda-Tesla Expansion Area (also known locally as “Tesla Park”) in order to permanently preserve the land if it is determined by the Department to be in the public interest. Proceeds from any such sale would be returned to the OHMVR Division.

SB 1316 does not require that the Department make a determination to dispose of the Alameda-Tesla Expansion Area, but it permits it.  Then, in the future, there could be a decision that disposal of the Alameda-Tesla Expansion Area is in the public interest.

SB 1316 provides a path forward to resolve this long standing local controversy in a way that is wise and fair – by recognizing the preference for local control to preserve an irreplaceable natural and cultural native landscape in Alameda County as a legacy for future generations, by using local open space mitigation funds to purchase the land to ensure preservation, and by returning proceeds from any sale to the OHMVR Division for use in another area that wants OHV recreation.

Please support SB 1316.  Go to your State Senator’s and Assembly Member’s legislative web site and enter your support for SB 1316 on line.  

Tesla Park West Ridge to Mount Diablo



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