Valley Fever

Valley Fever (Coccidioidomycosis) is endemic in the Corral Hollow area where Tesla’s located. UCB Professor, John Taylor’s 2016 warning of increased health risks of this extremely serious fungal disease from dust-generating OHV recreation was dismissed by State Parks. … Continue reading

Red Flag Days

In 2019 an OHV rider in Carnegie SVRA started a wildfire.  A Red Flag Fire Warning has been issued since Monday, yet Carnegie SVRA remains open. With dangerous air quality and fire conditions, why is Carnegie SVRA open to OHV … Continue reading

Spare the Air Days

Carnegie SVRA has been open from September 1 through today (September 7), which were all Spare the Air Days. With increased health risks from poor air quality, let alone GHG emissions, how can State Parks allow a non-essential air polluting … Continue reading

Tricolored Blackbirds

Thanks for your work, California Audubon! You can find tricolored blackbirds at Tesla Park. To help save this wonderful species in decline, we need to #SaveTeslaPark. … Continue reading